10 Week Herbal Correspondence Course

By GrannyMoon

GrannyMoon's herbal correspondence course provides you with hands-on learning experience!
 All lessons come with a project which includes sample herbs, so that you learn by actually working
with the herbs, all mailed to you. The projects are fun and will give you real experience in making your own
salves, liniments,
oils, fomentations, baths, teas and even a spell or two!

There are 10 lessons in the herbal course and there is no time limit for completion. You may study
at your own pace. The lessons are a great place to start as you can order each lesson individually
which makes your studying very economical. Certificate of Completion awarded upon final exam. Lessons are non-refundable.
The course includes lessons, projects, herbs, personalized tutorship and final exam.

(shipping included)

The course requires you to purchase two text books (these can be used books of course).

The cost is $150.00
Sign up now and purchase your texts!

You may pay as you go

(pay for each lesson individually).
 $16.50 per lesson.

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