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Artwork By Gwendolyn LaFae

By GrannyMoon
The Sisters of Goddess School

Our Sisters have submitted some awesome work for your enjoyment. We have been working on the best way to get this too you in a timely and low cost fashion!
We hope to bring you Goddess  
news for many years to come! Our first year was certainly a learning experience for us, but I hope you enjoyed our efforts and those of our submitters!
In an effort to bring you the best newsletter ever and one chock full of information and art, we will be sending out Priestess Pathways, eight times a year!
Each one will address each
major pagan holiday so you will have all that you need to celebrate the Wheel of the Year
in advance
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 Chock full of Goddess Stories, spells, recipes, herbal and moon lore, original articles, drawings and prose from our Priestesses.

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