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White Buffalo Woman

Original artwork by Chenoa Danu, aka Christy

Legend of White Buffalo Woman

            White Buffalo Woman was a sacred woman who brought knowledge to the Oglala Sioux.

          Nineteen generations ago, two hunters came upon a beautiful maiden dressed in white buckskin. The first hunter looked upon her with desire, while the second realized she was sacred, and lowered his eyes with respect. The first hunter reached out to touch her, offending White Buffalo Woman. His body fell to the ground, turning to ashes and bones. She then explained to the second hunter she was from the Great Buffalo Nation and was coming to bring a message to his people.

          White Buffalo Woman visited the village 4 days later, and bestowed a sacred bundle upon them.  The Sacred bundle contained the sacred prayer pipe made of red stone. During the visit, she instructed them on the importance of a hearth fire, and showed them how to cook corn and meat over it. She taught them sacred songs, dance and seven ways to pray in the form of sacred rites.  White Buffalo Woman spoke to the women, telling them that it was the work of their hands and the fruit of their bodies, which kept the people alive. She also instructed them to be responsible caretakers of the land and to always be mindful that the children are the future of the people.

          When White Buffalo Woman left, she told them there would be 4 ages, The Rock Age, The Bow Age, The Fire Age, and The Pipe Age. She promised at the end of the ages, she would return for the sacred bundle and bring harmony and spiritual balance to the world.

The Wise Woman’s Tarot by Flash Silvermoon
Sacred Items of White Buffalo Woman
Prayer Pipe
Red Clay
Wild Turnip

The seven Sacred Rites
Inipi, the Rite of Purification
Isnati Awicalwanpi, a Girl’s Coming of Age
Hunkapi, the Making of Relatives
Tapa Wankaye, the Throwing of the Ball
Wiwanyaq Wacipi, Sun Dance
Hanbleceya, Crying for a Vision
Naqi Gluhapi, Keeping of the Soul
Hanbleceya, The Crying for a Vision Ritual
          A person undergoes a Vision Quest so they can better understand his or her oneness with all things and gain better knowledge of the Great Spirit.
          The seeker takes their pipe and some tobacco and goes to an isolated place, often on a high mountain or bluff. The seeker stays in isolation, praying for a vision. The seeker remains as long as it takes to achieve the desired goal; the quests often take three or four days. Visions often come to the seeker in the form of an animal, and dreams carry the most powerful visions.
A song sang by White Buffalo Woman begins:
With visible breath, I am walking…

          A white buffalo calf, named Miracle, was born on August 20, 1994 in Wisconsin, on the farm of Dave Heider. It was the first white buffalo born in many years. Some believe she was the fulfillment of the prophesy that the return of the White Buffalo Woman will herald the advent of an age of peace and harmony.
The Wise Woman’s Tarot by Flash Silvermoon, Illustrated by Barbara Vogel
Akta Lakota Museum & Cultural Center
First People-Native American Indians
Goddess Gift by Sharon Turnbull, author of Goddess Gift: Discover your Goddess Type
Sacred Source
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December 2008