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The Triple Goddess Hecate is known for gifts of prophecy, clear vision and knowledge of the magical and occult arts.  Because she stands at the crossroads she sees the past present and future.  We relate to Hecate as guardian figure in our unconsciousness holding the key to the dark realms within us and bearing torches to light our way to the depths of our own inner being.  Her wisdom comes to us through dreams, whispers, mediumship and divination.  For some it may be too much and bring on madness.  She guides the soul and the seeker, she brings abundance to those who honor her.  She causes us to look at our true self, motives, and actions so we may be reborn.

As triple Goddess she represents maiden, mother and crone, mind, body and spirit, birth, life and death.  As mistress of the night she represents the three stages of the lunar cycle.  She teaches an important lesson, the feminine is valued for itself, because within it there is eternal wisdom.  She is the High Priestess, keeper of the Mysteries.  She is the liberator of women.  She sets women free from the bonds created by man which is why the Christian Church scorned her so ruthlessly .  

Hecate provides protection from what is beyond a boundary but most importantly she is involved with unseen spiritual foes rather than physical defense.  She protects us from harmful spirits and guides us through difficult transitions.  She assists us in the use of magick.    Hecate in her wisdom and love, unlocks the doors of mystery and magick.  She is The Queen of Witches.   She is Queen of all living things. There is no power like her, Triple Goddess, brings abundance, storms and plays a role in birth and death.   She rules all outside the physical realm, death and dark intuitive wisdom beyond conscious mind.    She walks in the darkness, she stands at the crossroads of the underworld with the torch of wisdom to light the souls on their path.  It is She who watchers over the witch.  Goddess of transformation, she holds the knife that cuts the cord from birth to life and life to death.

Women in the West have been denied a symbol for the Divine that is representative of our gender.  The triple nature of the Goddess venerates us as women and parallels the phases of our lives.  It is interesting that this belief of a triple being was later used by the Christian religion to represent Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  And that this very religion desperately tried to destroy its predecessor faiths in which this triple being was female.   In fact the story of Jesus could be viewed as a parallel to the myth of Persephone, Demeter and Hecate.  Here we see that Persephone represents the suffering innocent divine child and serves as savior because while she was in the underworld mortals starved but when she re-emerged the world was saved; the mother Goddess Demeter blessed the land once again.  Hecate can be compared to the Holy Spirit in the Christian mystery; she travels between the worlds, acts as a guide, and serves as mediator.  It is interesting to note in the myth of Persephone, Hecate does not see the abduction, not an actual witness but in the psychic sense she knows what has happened from her vision, wisdom and experience.  It is also interesting to note that in this myth Demeter does not coldly turn her back on her daughter but rages against the injustice done to her. 

Viewing Hecate, Demeter and Persephone as a trinity we can come to see the mysteries of death and resurrection in female terms.  Using the triad of Persephone-Demeter-Hecate as a resource we can express our anger towards patriarchal religions that rob us of power and deny us freedom and authority.  We who know Her are sheltered by the protective darkness of the Underworld and blessed by the Light of the triple Goddess.   She sets us free to explore ourselves on a new level, our wild, sexy, strong natures as well as our nurturing and loving selves.

Women intuitively know that we must travel to the Underworld to bring new life into being and that death is a mystery, a continuation of life’s journey, not a ceasing to exist.  The Great Goddess Hecate is here to guide us on our journeys just as she guided Persephone.  Let us love and honor her for all She is and all that She gives to us.

Sacred to Hecate

Her sacred day sunset November 16 and the 30th of every month

Sacred to her:  Torch, knife, rope, key (longest living of trees and historically associated with death and rebirth),  dark moon, the number three, sapphire, silver, dark stones, moonstone, crossroads, willows, yews, dogs, horses, ravens, owl ( her messenger) and snakes.


Hecate is a goddess shrouded in mystery, for there is continuing debate about Her name, origin and character. There are few legends about Her, and no fixed genealogy.  It’s likely that Hecate’s attributed birth parents changed as different social groups adopted Her worship, but no Greek Clan or Tribe ever claimed decent from Hecate.  However, it is believed that She originated outside Greece.

The Olympians 'adopted' Her after they had defeated the Titans.  During this time Hecate’s power was still recognized: Zeus gave Her dominion over Heaven, Earth & Sea, & they shared the right to grant or withhold gifts from humanity (power She already possessed, but thanks Zeus…). Hecate was worshipped as Goddess of abundance and eloquence, and She is continues to be generous to those who recognize Her.

Hecate is represented as allied with Persephone and Demeter.  Demeter represents the old crone woman, Persephone the wife woman, and Hecate is the Maiden.  Every early Greek representation of Hecate shows Her as a young woman.  It is only much later that She is symbolized as the Crone.

In Mytilene on the eastern coast of the Aegean Sea, near what was Troy, there are Temples of Demeter, where the women would go to the annual festival of Eleusis to celebrate fertility rites. There is evidence that Hecate was honored there too, as a guide for initiates into the Elusinian Mysteries.

The Greeks began to emphasize Her darker aspects; Hecate as Goddess of the Dead and Queen of Witches.  She was increasingly depicted as roaming the earth on moonless nights in the company of dogs and the spirits of those dead who were not ready to die, those who were murdered or not given appropriate burials.   

The Romans adopted Hecate, and Her role shifted again. Hecate became an aspect of the moon Goddess, Diana Triformus: Diana (the Full moon, associated with Earth), Proserpina (the lunar phases, associated with Heaven), and Hecate (the New moon, associated with the Underworld.)

How did Hecate become transformed from a popular, bright young Goddess into a dark and terrifying hag?   Possibly because Hecate had long been associated with crossroads where three roads meet and in ancient Greek religion the soul was judged at a place where three roads meet. One road led to the Elysian Fields, one to the Fields of Asphodel, and the third road to Tartarus. So any crossroads where three roads meet might symbolize this place of judgment, and be seen as a sacred place.

As the power of the Solar Gods rose, Hecate became increasingly demonized, until by the Middle Ages She was reduced to a an evil crone or wicked witch.  And I don’t blame her, first the Solar Gods then Christianity.  I would be pissed (am pissed) too.

From Hecate’s Caldron:

Daughters of Hecate, be followers of the Goddess.  She will guide you to peace, love and enlightenment.  She is the Goddess of love, Goddess of all Mysteries and Goddess of Death as it has been since the beginning of time and it is through Her that we can obtain the mysteries of life.

Prayer to the Blessed Goddess Hecate

 by Divinia

Holy Queen of Witches, Hecate, you have come and chosen me

So your follower I shall always be

You lead my steps and thoughts each day

You bless me with your love in so many ways

I feel you with me when life takes its toll

I love you with all my heart and soul

Thank you Lovely Goddess for leading me

For guiding me to answers for life’s questions

For all the loving messages you have placed in my heart

For all the signs you have sent to strengthen my faith

For meeting me at the crossroads with kindness and wisdom

For comforting me when I am in my pain

For staying with me through the rain


Solitary Ritual for Visions/Guidance:


Black and White candles

 sandalwood incense

Scrying Mirror


Take a ritual bath

Set your alter

Cast the circle and call the Watchtowers

Read the Charge of the Goddess

Invoke the Goddess Hecate by saying:

Great Goddess Hecate I call upon you

Join me this night and lend me your sight

I ask for your vision, your love and your wisdom.

Show me clearly what is to come

As I will, so must it be done.

Consecrate the mirror by anointing with each element (water, salt, incense and fire) and say:

Power of Water cleanse and bless this mirror, protect it from any negative emotional influences

Power of Earth, cleanse and bless this mirror, protect it from any negative physical influences

Power of Air, cleanse and bless this mirror, protect it from any negative mental influences

Power of Fire, cleanse and bless this mirror, add your strength to my quest for sight

Great Goddess Hecate, add your power to this instrument of magick.  Allow me to see the future and the truth.  Lead me and guide me along in this rite that I may be of service to you and all of Life.

So mote it be.

Meditate upon your intention to seek guidance until you are in a trancelike state.  When you are ready, gaze into the mirror and chant:

Magical mirror show me truth and light

reveal the path I must take this night.

Continue chanting and focus on your third eye opening its eyelid.  Soften your gaze and allow yourself to see what is there.  Don’t try to force a vision, you may see something that will be explained later in a dream.  Just relax and see what is there.  When you feel ready, bring yourself back to a normal state.  Thank the Goddess and the Watchtowers for their help and guidance.  Ask the Goddess to provide the meanings for anything you saw but did not understand.

Close the circle


Be prepared to take note of anything that may come to you later in the form of an inner voice, a dream or from another person that relates to your vision.  It may be several days before the message becomes complete and clear.




Hecate, Guardian of the Crossroads


 Hecate, second to none!



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