Goddess Of The Many Names 

Freya was one of the most popular of the Deities in Asgard, the home of the Gods. Historically, the known period of Freya's worship was circa 700 ad until shortly after Christianization.[1]
As the "Queen of the Valkyries", the Norse Goddess Freya is called the most beautiful of the Goddesses.
Her beauty can be seen in the most vivid colours nature has to offer, Her glory can be felt when Moon and Stars at their brightest and Her Love and compassion is reflected in a Mother's face when she is holding her newborn baby for the first time.
She is the Goddess of many names; the Goddess of Love and Death, passion and fertility, Patron Goddess of the Witches and bringer of Magick and Divination, and with Odin on Her side, She is the keeper of the Runes.

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Freya is a strong and passionate Goddess; She empowers the womyn who seek Her. She is the essence of sexuality. Even though, She is perceived as utterly promiscuous, the womyn who open their hearts to Her understand the deeper meaning of Her divine nature.
Freya's teachings are deep and complex. Her perceived promiscuity is the ultimate representation of a womyn's
power and right to choose her partner, and to be in charge of her own sexuality at all times.

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Even though, Freya is closely associated with Death, She was never a terrifying Goddess. She is perceived as weeping for those slain in battle with tears of gold.

According to some legends, She appeared to Her worshippers wearing a feathered cloak over Her magickal amber necklace, the Brisingamen, sometimes riding through the sky with in a chariot drawn by cats, or on a huge gold bristled boar [2].

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Cats, birds and the boar are sacred to Freya.

She symbolizes Love and War, fertility and fruitfulness, as well as the Moon, poetry and maternity. Her sacred flowers are Daisy and Primrose, Her sacred fruit is Strawberry. Her colours are red and silver [3].
Freya is a Goddess to whom love prayers and child blessings are addressed. And She will, most effectively, assist womyn who are seeking empowerment.

She adds Her power to all magick and divination, especially to divination work which includes the runes.
Interestingly, Seior was a particular type of witchcraft associated with Freya;

It included the erection of a high seat for a Witch. A choir would chant spells until she achieved a state of ecstasy which enabled her to act like a kind of oracle. The questions she then answered had mainly to do with matters of love, family, marriage and childbirth [4]

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Ritual To Honour Freya
Drape your altar in red and silver, and decorate it with Primrose and/or Daisy flowers. Have a Silver candle positioned in each of the four directions. Have Strawberries on hand as an offering.
Begin by purifying your sacred space with incense that is sweet and flowery.
Cast your circle.
Call the Directions and light the representing candle as you call each direction;
I call upon the powers of the East, powers of air to help me clear my mind.
I call upon the powers of the South, powers of fire reminding me of my inner strength
I call upon the powers of the West, powers of water which connects me to the Mother's blood
I call upon the powers of the North, powers of the Earth to keep my body strong and my mind centred.
Invoke Freya;
Freya, Goddess of Magick
Mother of the Earth,
keeper of the runes
I invite you to join me.
Freya, Goddess of the many names,
Goddess of nature and fertility
Mother of the silver moon
hear me.
Freya, Goddess of Love
Join me.
Freya, your guidance and wisdom I seek.
Come to me now.
Freya I thank you for all the Blessings in my life. In gratitude I accept your guidance and know I am strong through you.  I thank you for helping me speak my truth and for allowing me to understand that I deserve to be loved.
Spend some time in meditation and feel Freya's presence through you and around you.
Ground yourself
Take the offering and thank Freya for Her presence. You may wish to put your offering outside so that it can be consumed by nature.
Thank the elements and open your circle.
The candles can be used again in a ritual dedicated to Freya.
The Ritual and Invocation of Freya are my original work.
[1,3] Available Online  (August 02/2003) [Unfortunately the site seems to have been removed since then.]
[2] Monoghan, Patricia(2000). Goddesses & Heroines. Llewellyn Puplications. St. Paul, Minnesota
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