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Goddess Diana

By LadyHawke

I took this picture and when I saw it, I knew it was the spirit of Diana shining through. I wrote this that same day to honor Her that blessed me with her presence and showed me how greatly she can shine within. Notice how the light approximates the various Chakras.

Ode to Diana

I am Diana

Know me

I have many names, many faces

You know me as the Queen of Heaven, The Huntress, Lady of the Wild Creatures, Lunar Virgin, Daughter of the Moon,

My name has been Ishtar, Astarte, Artemis, Ashtoreth.

I am mother to Aradia. Sister to Lucifer. Daughter of Zeus, most high.

You will find me in Tifata, near Capua.

My temple is at Ephesus, before the time of others that stole.

My temple is in your heart.

My name is your name.

My life is your life, our hearts beat as one.

I am Diana

Celebrate me

When I am a maiden on Ostara, call me by name…

Diana, Aphrodite, Arianrhod, Venus, Cybele, Freya, and Rhiannon.

When I am the mother on Litha, call me by name…

Amaterasu, Hestia, Juno, and Sunna

When I am the Crone on Samhain, call me by name…

Hecate, Inanna, Machi, Mari, Ishtar and Lilith.

Call me down when the moon shines full.

Embrace me when the moon is dark.

Caress me when the moon waxes and wanes.

I am Diana

Honor me

In the night sky as the Great She Bear.

In the phases of the moon,

In nature, the beauty of a sunrise

The mystery of the moon rise.

Speak to me at dawn, at noon when the sun’s heat warms your face

Whisper to me at dusk when purple fingers of nights stain the sky

Sing to me at midnight as you dance beneath my silvery luminescence.

Light a white candle and I am there

Use jasmine and breathe in my spirit.

Place a moonstone in your pocket and I walk with you.

Carry me within your heart and we shall be together


Written by Ladyhawke. Copyright 2008


Hail to thee, Diana!
Goddess of Witches, Queen of Heaven, Protector of Women, Virgin Huntress!
You have long protected my mothers and my heritage that has been passed down by blood.
I hear your cries of strength as you approach.
I invoke you here to teach me and show me the joys of the wild ride.
As the wind moves my hair and cools my face I feel your touch.
Hail! Beautiful Diana! Hail!

By Martha Karnes used by permission.


Diana in prayer, magic and divination.

Hail Diana

Hail Artemis Diana
Blessed Lady of the Beasts
I dedicate myself to You

May my path honor Thee
May my spirit celebrate Thee
May my life force magnify Thee

These things I pray
Be fulfilled this day
Goddess Mother help me
to know what is right

~ Abby Willowroot 1999


Hymn to Diana
translated by John Anthony Bernard
Harrison (1909-1983)

Pure unblemished children, we
Chant our tuneful hymn to thee;
Pure unblemished boys and maids
Praise Diana of the Glades.
Latona’s child begot by Jove,
Offspring of his royal love,
Near the Delian olive tree,
Mistress of the woods to be:
Mistress of the babbling rills,
Forest lawns and rugged hills;
Mothers hail thee in their pain,
Cross-roads call thee not in vain.
Shining through the velvet night
As the moon, with alien light;
With the months to mark thy road,
Fill with first fruits each abode:
Hallowed by what name thou wilt,
We will serve thee to the hilt:
Bring us fortune from on high
As thou didst in days gone by.




O My Goddess, Diana, hear my song of adoration.

Hear my voice when I sing Thy praises.

Hear my songs as they rise heavenward,

when the Full Moon, brightly shining,

fills the heavens with Thy beauty.

O my beautiful Moon Goddess,

hear me as I stand before Thee.

See me when I reach toward heaven,

when my arms reach upward toward Thee.

When the Full Moon shines upon me,

give me Thy blessings, O Diana.

Teach me of Thine ancient mysteries,

ancient rites of invocation

that the Holy Strega spoke of,

for I believe the Strega's story:

when she spoke of Thy shining glory,

when she told us to entreat Thee,

told us when we seek for knowledge

to seek and find Thee above all others.

Give us wisdom, O Diana:

how to bind our oppressors,

how to cure the sick among us.

Teach me, O Diana.

Give me Thy blessings,

O Great Moon Goddess.

Shield me from my oppressors.

Receive me as your daughter, Diana.

Receive me, though I am earth-bound.

Grant me ancient Wiccan knowledge.

When my body lies resting nightly,

speak unto my inner spirit;

teach me all Thy holy mysteries.

I believe Thine ancient promise,

Thy promise unto the ancient Wicca

that we who seek Thy holy presence

will receive Thy Wisdom.

Now the Full Moon shines upon me.

Hear me! I stand before Thee!

Grant me wisdom! O Diana!


Prayers for Beltane

Morning Prayer:

You dance before the altar
of Your womanhood,
all innocence to flee like
morning’s gold.
The carefree season of
Your joyous splendor
softly fades to summer’s
fecund hold.
O Maiden Bright Star
of the fleeting moment,
tonight You join to Be-come
Mother Earth;
in days to come Your
dance waxes eternal
as through Your love
we all receive new birth.

Evening Prayer:

Desire, stone-encased, stirs
and flowers forth from breasts
and thighs.
The sleeping Goddess sighs.
Unconscious omnipotence stirs
and wakes.
The Goddess reaches out as,
horned and laughing,
the wild Oak King takes Her.
Lady of the Fields grant us
fruitfulness of mind and heart
and earth and teach
our souls to soar.

Night Prayer:

Lady, Lady of the day
clad in blossoms of the May,
happily You laugh and play,
lead me on Your joyful Way
and one day bring me home.

Lady, Lady of the earth,
You of sorrow and of mirth,
Your harvest is beyond all worth,
grant to me my own re-birth
and one day bring me home.

Lady, Lady shining bright,
gliding through the starry night,
clothed in softly glowing light,
touch me with Your lustrous might
and one day bring me home.

Closing Prayer:

I bow to Thee, Hecate, Diana, Mari,
and thank
Thee for Thy blessing—
the Cauldron of Night
full of life, and death, and life again;
Thy magic gives me wings.
Blessed Be.


Magic related to Diana

To work magic with Diana, timing is important. She is best addressed during a new or crescent moon. And under a blue sky. When addressing Diana, wear Roman type sandals and perhaps a white, red, green, or turquoise dress or cloak. Images appropriate would be a dog, guinea fowl., elephant, horse, bear, dove, deer and bee. Plants and scents appropriate are anemone, flowering almond, hazel, ranunculus, honeysuckle, thistle, laurel and fir tree. Scents are jasmine, aloe, ginseng, lemon verbana, and camphor. Stone and crystals are moonstone, pearl, quartz, crystal, silver, turquoise, iron, aluminum, diamond. And colors are silver, white, red, green and turquoise. She honors autonomy, independence, freedom to take or reject, is true to her nature, symbols are night, earth, nature, hunting and wild animals, Guardian and protector of all who give life, virgin moon goddess, goddess of the hunt and childbirth, warrior goddess of the amazon. The tree goddess, the bear, the nymph, and the lady of beasts. Represents variable energies of the feminine psyche. Moon and water reflect her. Aramanthe is sacred to her. Which relieves menstrual disorders.

The following are places known to be sacred to Diana, but of course, all places are sacred to Goddess as long as we hold Her in our hearts.


Delos, Arcadia, Taurus, Sparta, Mount Taygete, Troezen, Hermione, Brauron, Ephesus, Crete,
Sicily, Southern Italy Great Temple of Artemis at Mouth of Danube

The following are festivals sacred to Diana. Use any of the prayers contained with here for rituals or for simply speaking one’s heart to Goddess.


Great Festivals

Most of these dates are variable. A lunar calender is all that is needed for the appropriate and accurate date.

6th Day of the New Moon in late February to early March
The festival of Elaphebolia, in honor of Diana, Deer Shooter. Stags and cakes in the shape of stags made of honey and sesame seeds were offered to Her. the entire lunar cycle this festival falls in was once the Athenian month of Elaphebolion, and was wholly dedicated to Diana.

6th Day of the New Moon in late August to early September
The festival of Kharisteria 'Thanksgiving', in honor of Diana

Agrotera. This month was called Boedromion 'running for help.'

Full Moon in late March to early April
This was a particularly elaborate festival, which seems to contain elements of the rites held in honor of the Thracian Moon Goddess Bendis. Young girls referred to as Arkteia who had lived in the Temple of Diana during the summer were dressed in saffron colored tunics and leaf crowns, and carried torches or twigs in a great procession. They then passed into the temple of Diana, where they were said to 'play at being she bears.'

Other ceremonies gave thanks to Diana for providing game animals. Sacrifices consisted of palm leaves and a female goat, either real or an appropriately shaped cake.

May 30 (approximate)
Great Full Moon festival, honoring Diana as the Moon Goddess and Lady of the Beasts.

Full Moon in August
Feast day of Diana.

November 22
The Sun enters the constellation of the archer.

New Moon in June-July
7th day of Thargelion, festival of Thargelia, birthday of Diana. It celebrated her as forest and Moon Goddess, protector of new growth.

Lesser Festivals

6th Day of Each New Moon
These were celebrations of the fierce energy of new life, represented by the now reborn Moon. Particularly good for Magick that one needs to do with this patron.

Full Moon Celebrations
These were popular all over Greece until late historical times. They were celebrated with the forerunners of birthday cakes full of lit candles called Amphiphontes 'shining all round,' and the
surrender of Her worshippers to her power in the forest. There, they would make love without concern for the bonds of marriage or conscious considerations, only the presence or absence of
instinctive attraction. Unlike monotheistic faiths’ prudishly thinking sex outside marriage is sinful, these festivals were more about love and celebration and highly Magickal. The Ides were the three day period of the dark Moon, when rituals were performed
to ensure the Goddess' safe return from the underworld.

The following are things known to be sacred to Goddess. Use of any of them with your ritual will heighten the Magick one intends to do. When using one of the included prayers, the Magick is even more intense.


horses, dogs, bears, wolves, lions, birds, deer, snakes, fish, boar, goats, bees wild animals in general, swan, kite, vulture, crow, dolphin, quail One need not use the exact animal. A poppet is acceptable in this case. Make one from corn, or cloth. Natural ingredients are best and known to be pleasing to Goddess.

amaranth, cypress, cedar, hazel, myrtle, willow, daisy, mugwort, date palm, laurel, silver fir,
walnut tree, oak tree, almond, damiana, mandrake…a few of these are illegal, such as mandrake in this country. Most, however, are available through any herbalist, however, Diana likes us to gather these fresh. So if possible, try to get fresh from the wild but always ask the plant before cutting.

transformation, judgement, natural law, instinct, prophecy, healing, poetry, music, magic, psychic abilities, purification, weather changing, light bringing, death bringer, hunter of souls, action, temperance, maker of time and systems of measurement…here, one can ask for these attributes through prayer and use of the appropriate herb, stone, or scent. For example, if asking for prophecy, use of a white candle, an amethyst, or a clear crystal, jasmine, or sage are excellent choices for use in asking for help with prophecy.

lakes, marshes,streams, woodlands, ocean, Gargaphian Grive, Grove of Nemi, sanctuaries in nature….Diana loves the outdoors. Any time one can, doing the ritual outside is best for Her. It can be done indoors, should it be necessary but outside is always best with this patron.

water, Moon, Sun, double axe, lightning, thunder, bow and arrow, javelin, torch, the star Sirius, forest, herbal medicines, masks and facepaint, Moonwise, swastika, the numbers nine and three,
the zodiac signs Pisces, Aquarius, and Sagittarius, moonstone, pearl, quartz(amethyst), spring, summer, waxing sun, Meridiane(full Moon at midnight) . Of course, use one’s intuition here. The swastika is NOT from or indicative of Nazi thought or dogma. It comes to us from Egyptian mythology.

singers, young girls and women, women's fertility, sports, sailors, priestesses who taught sexual mysteries

1. Delos, which falls on the same latitude as Mileta, Didyma, and Therea. Directly opposite of Delos os Hierapolis, 'city of priestesses.'
2. A cavern at the foot of a mountain near Ephesus, which may in fact be the birthplace of Leto. Leto was often confused with Diana by newer arrivals like the Greeks, since both Goddesses dealt with instinct and natural law. The cavern itself seems to have been called Ortygia, bit this name has also been applied to an island.
3. The shores of Lake Tritonis, similar to Diana, although the latter was said to have actually been born in the lake. the lake was actually in Libya. Both Diana and Athena were patron goddesses of the Amazons, so the idea is not an entirely groundless one.

I was tempted not to include this but like Muslims who make the journey to Mecca, the chance to make a journey to say Ephesus or Delos would be a Magickal and spiritual journey of a lifetime. Imagine being able to do a ritual on the shores of Lake Tritonis and being where Diana actually walked this earth! The energy would be enough to leave one trembling with joy for weeks.

This page is the intellectual and creative property of Ladyhawke.
August 2008

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