Goddess Diana Project
by Ladyhawke


  Lady of many names, who stretches across cultures and even times and has been venerated since the dawn of time.  She has been known as Artemis, from Greece.  She is also known as Diane, or Diana, in Roman mythology
The Ephesians called Her Dia Anna; the Etruscans, Artumus.  For the Kemetics, She was Bast, Kemetics being ancient Egyptians.  To the Phoenicians, Astarte or Ashtoreth.  Her other names include Goddess of Light; Queen of Heaven; Lunar virgin; Goddess of Wildwood; Divine Huntress; Protector of Animals; and Lady of the Beasts; Lady of the Lake.  One source stated one of Her names was Limnatis. (1) For the Gauls, and later the Celts, She was Diona.  That name means divine and brilliant.  Some other names include….Aegina, Aetole, Agrotera, Alphaea, Alpheionia, Amarysia, Amarynthia, Apanchomene, Aptera, Aristo, Aristobule, Astrateia, Brauron, Britomartis, Calliste, Caryatis, Cederatis, Chitone, Cnacalesia, Gnaceatis, Cnagia, Colaenis, Condyleatis, Cordaca, Coryphaea, Corythallia, Cynthia, Daphnaea, Delia, Delphinia, Derchiatis, Dictynia, Dictynnaea, Ennodia, Ephesia, Euclea, Eurynome, Gaeeochus, Hegemone, Hemeresia, Heurippe, Hymnia, Iolcia, Iphigenia, Issoria, Laphria, Leucophryne, Limnaea, Limnatides, Limnatis, Locheia, Loxo, Lyceia, Lycoatis, Lysizona, Mesopolitis, Munychia, Mysia, Oenoatis, Orthia, Parthenos, Patroa, Pheraea, Pitanatis, Propylaea, Proseoa, Pyrmia, Rhoccaea, Saronia, Sciatis, Selasia, Selasphora, Soodina, Soteira, Stymphalia, Tauropolis, Triclaria, Zea.  (1)  As anyone can see, She was a very popular Lady. 

Genealogically, She is alleged to have been the daughter of Leto and Zeus, born on the island of Delos. Her brother was Lucifer and Her lover, Orion.  She was sister to Apollo.  The story of Her lover was one of sadness.  Apollo tricked His sister into believing that something swimming out to sea was a target for Her famed bow and arrows.  He bet Her She could not hit that target, which, of course, was Orion.  She did, as She was one of the best shots that ever lived.  When She found out it was Her lover, She was enraged.  She turned Orion into stars and sent Orion into the sky to become what we now call the Orion’s belt.  She is associated with Ursa Major to be close to Her lover.  She is considered part of the triune concept of Selene, Diana and Hecate.  Diana would be equated with the maiden part of that triune.  Selene the mother and of course, Hecate, the crone.  Diana  is associated with several places in the world.  Of course, Delos is one, where She was born.  Also, the Temple of Artemis in Rhodes at Lindos.  Lake Nemi is known as Diana’s mirror.  Quite possibly the most famous would be the temple at Ephesus.  A temple to the Goddess which was later usurped and used to venerate and deify Mary, the alleged mother of the man Jesus. 

In fact, Diana is mentioned by name in the Bible.  The New Testament to be exact, in Acts as allegedly written by Paul.  It states, “  So that not only is there danger that this trade of ours will fall into disrepute, but also that the temple ofmars_venus_diana the great Goddess Artemis (Diana) will be regarded as worthless and that She whom all of Asia and the world worship will even be dethroned from Her magnificence. ( pronouns for Diana capitalized by this author)(2).  That same chapter of Acts goes on to tell of the ‘miracles’ at Ephesus which, of course, were taken straight from our roots.   The formers of the Bible, seeing the universal love the people had for Diana, in Her various guises, and in particular, Constantine, at the Council of Nicea, replaced Diana with Mary. 

Yet, the miracles of Diana could not be quashed by the monotheistic faiths.  More specifically, the Roman Catholic Church.  Her worship was merely driven underground.  She would not remain underground, however.  In 1899, Charles G Leland wrote Aradia, The Gospel of the Witches. (3)   This highly controversial book allegedly comes from an Italian witch known only as Magdalena.  It recounts the story of Diana, and tells how She is the mother of all Witches.   Leland’s book led to one by Raven Grimassi called Stregheria or The Ways of the Strega.  (4)  This book traces the history of our path, as far back as Etruscan times. 
 Some of the symbols that are related to this amazing Goddess are as follows…

 Generic symbols.  Crescent moon, new moon, bow and arrows, sandals, clouds, three pillars, and the blue sky.
 Animals.  Hogs, Guinea Fowl, doves, deer, bees, goats, swans, wolves, lions, snakes, fish, boar, quail, elephant, horses, bear, and most importantly, the stag.
 Plants.  Anemones, flowing almond, hazel, honeysuckle, thistle, laurel, fig tree, amaranth, cypress, cedar, myrtle, willow, daisy, mugwort, oak and walnut trees.
 Perfumes.  Jasmine, aloe, ginseng, lemon verbana, camphor.
 Gems and stones.  Moonstone, pearls, quartz, crystal, silver, turquoise, iron, aluminum, diamond.
 Colors.  Silver, white, red, turquoise, and green.
 Places.  Lakes, marshes, streams, woodlands, oceans, and most particularly, forest sanctuaries.
 Objects.  Water, the sun, the moon, a double axe, lightening, thunder, the javelin, the torch, the star Sirius, the forest, and herbal medicine.
 Numbers.  3 and 9
 Astrological signs.  Pisces, Aquarius, and Sagittarius.
 Best time to work Magick with Diana is the Meridiane, or the full moon at midnight in the spring or summer.
 She is known as the patron of singers, young girls, fertility, women, particularly abused and neglected women, sports, sailors, priestesses who taught the sexual mysteries.
 Days of the week.   Monday and Friday.
 Month is November.
 Candle color is white.

Goddess Diana Cake

Recipe for a White cake with fig and almond, a cake made specifically for Diana, as the color is Her’s, the almond and the fig.  This recipe is my own creation, celebrating the Goddess Diana. 
  1 cup white sugar
  cup of butter
 2 eggs
 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract.  (don’t use imitation)
 1 cup white flour.  (I use only cake flour, but all purpose is fine too)
 1 teaspoons of baking powder
  cup whole milk.
 Chopped figs
 Chopped or slivered almonds.
 Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.  Grease and flour a 9 X 9 pan or you can use cupcake tins if you prefer. 
 In a medium bowl, cream the butter and sugar.  Beat in the eggs, one at a time, then add the vanilla.  Combine the flour and baking powder, add to the creamed mixture and mix well.   Then, finally, stir in the milk and mix until smooth.  Lastly, add the fig and the almonds to the batter and spread those evenly.  Bake for 30 to 40 minutes, depending on which pan, or until the cake springs back when touched.  I frost this with almond butter cream frosting. 
 Almond butter cream frosting.
  cup butter, softened.  
 1/8 teaspoon salt
 4 cups of powdered sugar, or confectioners sugar
 2 egg yolks, beaten
 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.  Not the imitation kind
  teaspoon almond extract.
 2 tablespoons of whole milk.
 Cream the butter until soft.  Add the salt and part of the sugar slowly, blending after each addition.  Then add the egg yolks and other ingredients, alternating with the milk and the rest of the sugar until it’s the right consistency to spread.  Enjoy for your rituals to Diana!  Remember to leave some for Her and Her animals! 
Goddess Diana Fig Jam

For the really adventurous.  Here is a recipe for fig jam.  Its totally yummy and very simple to make.  This is another of my own recipes, using foods sacred to Diana. 
2 quarts chopped fresh figs (about 5 pounds)
3/4 cup water
6 cups sugar
1/4 cup lemon juice
To prepare chopped figs, pour boiling water over figs, let stand 10 minutes. Drain, stem and chop figs. Measure and add 3/4 cup water and sugar to figs. Slowly bring to boiling, stirring occasionally until sugar dissolves. Cook rapidly until thick. Stir frequently to prevent sticking. Add lemon juice and cook 1 minute longer. Pour, boiling hot, into hot Ball jars. Adjust caps. Process 10 to 15 minutes. Yield about 5 pints.
Simple Prayer to Diana
 Hail Diana!
 Hail Diana and Artemis!
 Blessed Lady of the beasts.
 I dedicate myself to you.
 May my path honor thee.
 May my spirit celebrate thee.
 May my life force magnify thee.
 These things I pray
 Be fulfilled this day.
 Goddess, mother, help me
 To know what is right.
 So mote it be!

Ritual to Diana
“The altar is prepared to honor Diana with items that symbolize Her
Participants include high priestess, and women to take the part of the mother, crone, handmaiden, summoner, and the four watchtowers. 
The summoner sages all who enter the circle and asks each….
 “Do you come in perfect love and perfect trust?”
Maiden blesses and dedicates all with Diana oil and a pentacle over the third eye Chakra and says….
 “Sister to sister, we share this circle.”
All participants cast the circle. 
The High Priestess speaks this….
 “I am called Diana.  The Bright One and the Mother Flame.  I am Diana.  The Queen of Ephesus.  I am Diana.  Artemis.  Great Hunter and protector of all this is wild and free.  I am Diana, Selene whose golden hair gives light to the moon.  From the smallest of the brethren on the earth and of the Nature kingdom all the way to those mighty elementals that serve creation.  I am the Mother.  I send before you many teachers that have earned a Threefold Flame, they will be wise indeed and know all the secrets of the mysteries.  They will work to teach the ways of the light and life eternal.  Thus, when these who are higher up on the scale of the hierarchy of our bands perceive your gentleness, yet your firmness and your ability to marshal the forces of elementals for good works, they will be open to you.  Learn well my lessons and realize that an initiations passed will ascend your ascension unto me.  In my circle, you have gathered and tonight I speak to you.  Awaken and know that you are your own worst enemy.  It is you who will allow doubt to deny the within.  I say to thee my daughter that a house divided against itself cannot stand and that you understand that the reason it cannot stand is because the foundation has no support from any Goddess manifestation. until this problem of the psyche be solved.  For one is a divided house has not yet entered the path of oneness with me and the one who so allows her earthly body to divide her right and left or her karma or her psyche should know that this is true.  Realize my daughter this may be the root cause of your not going forward on your path as you can and as you should.  Hear me now and know that at this moment as always  I am thee and thee are me.  It is only a matter of your determined will if you will summon me forth through true mind, heart and soul, you will be filled with the mysteries of time eternal.  When one is awakened to the Goddess within one becomes the master of their path.  Resolution and harmony are your rewards.
The east watchtower says…
 “’Goddess speak to me”
 A girl whispered “Goddess, speak to me.”
 And a meadowlark sang but the girl did not hear.
 So the girl yelled “Goddess, speak to me.”
 And the thunder rolled across the sky.
 But the girl did not listen.
 The looked around and said, “Goddess, let me see you.”
 And a star shone brightly.
 But the girl did not notice.
 And the girl shouted “Goddess, show me a miracle.”
 And a life was born.
 But the girl did not know.
 So the girl cried out in despair, “Touch me Goddess and let me know you are there.”
 Whereupon the Goddess reached down and touched the girl.
 But the girl brushed the butterfly away and walked on.
The Maiden says…
 “we are strong, sexy and proud.  We walk with our heads high, confidence in our strides and power in our wake.  Others watch us and want us to be us, unable to comprehend how we can be so cool.  Sometimes, people are intimidated.  We are women.  We are Witches.  But we still are human,  Every moment of our lives is a lesson.  There is something to be learned from every action and every reaction.  We still cry, hurt, bleed.  But we also laugh, rejoice, dance and sing.  With Goddess within us, without us, around us, we are able to be strong even when the world tries to tear us down.  We allow no one to break us down with their insecurities, hatred, ignorance or greed.  We understand that to pretend is  to be better than someone, to bring ourselves up only hurts ourselves and those around us.  We do not pretend, instead, we live our truth and the truth of the Goddess.  She is in our every step, thought, every word that escapes our lips.  To spread negativity is to insult Her sacred system.  So while we are strong, filled with Her power, we are also human and humble and vow to walk in Her truth every day, with every action we take upon ourselves to commit.  We are women of the Goddess.  We are Witches.
All will chant…
 Smiling virgin, shining crescent, waxing fullness, luminescent.
 Sickle of silver, reaper of bone.
 Maiden, mother and crone.
 Maiden, mother and crone.
 Ancient Goddess, daughter of moonlight, Ancient Goddess, mother of stone.
 Ancient Goddess, keeper of midnight maiden, mother and crone.
 Maiden, mother and crone.
South watchtower says…
 “we feel a sadness we cannot name.  Though we have accomplished much of what we set out to do we sense something is missing in our lives and fruitlessly search “out there” for the answers.  What is missing is we are disconnected from our authentic sense of self.
Mother says…
 “By Moon Fox, I can see it in your eyes, you’re as strong as I surmised.  But do you know it?  Do you know you have the strength?  Do you know the power is your’s Witchy Woman.  You can use it if you like.  Its your gift and its your right. Use it wisely, Witchy Woman.  Mother Nature is your guide, she will show you wrong from right.  Feel the power, its your connection.  I can see it in your eyes.  You’re as strong as I surmised.  But do you know it?  There’s a Goddess and a Queen, deep inside your living soul.  Treat her kindly Witchy Woman.  She will never lead you wrong.  She is only light and truth.  Listen closely, she has the answers.   Its not hard to hear her speak, listen closely everyday.    Intuition, that’s her language.  It see it in your eyes.  You’re as strong as I surmised.  But do you know it, Witchy Woman?”
All will chant….
 Behold, there is magic all around you, behold, there is magic all around you, behold, there is magic all around you.
 Awaken, rejoice and sing.
 I am the air around you.  I am the breath of life within you.  I am the wind blowing through you.  I am all that I am.
 I am the fire around you.  I am the spark of life within you.  I am the flame burning through you.  I am all that I am.
 I am the water around you.  I am the pulse of life within you.  I am the ocean flowing through you.  I am all that I am.
 I am the earth around you.  I am the heartbeat within you.  I am the ground below you.  I am all that I am.
 I am the spirit around you.   I am divinity within you.  I am the light shining through you.  I am all that I am.
 Behold, there is magic all around you, behold, there is magic all around you, behold, there is magic all around you.
 Awaken, rejoice and sing.  Awaken, rejoice and sing.
West watchtower says….
 We often live our lives backwards.  We try to have more things or more money in order to do more of what we want so that we will be happier.  It is our need to control, to suppress, to instill unnatural rules that is not living in harmony.  Our memory must rekindle the universal knowledge within us to follow the natural cycles and divine order of Mother.  We must first be who we really are, then do what we need to do in order to harvest our true path.
Crone says….
 “By Silver Wind breath of life into my soul.  Awaken all that lies deep within.   Who am I to deny where my destiny lies?  I see myself in shadow, a life long ago.  Where hurt turned to madness and inconsolable pain turned to wrath.  Light into darkness, changing the world as I knew it and creating a monster of hate within all I touched and could not love.  Power beyond reckoning to hurt as I have been.  But now as my karmic tale unfolds a twist in this tale now begins.  From madness to love, turn chaos to peace, healing the monster I once unleashed.   For her light now shines forth guiding me along my way to heal those who have hurt with love.  A power beyond reckoning, turning the tide.  Becoming the witch I have been called to be.  Who am I to deny where my destiny lies?”
 All will chant….
 We are alive as the earth is alive.  We have the power to create our freedom.
 We have the courage.  We are healers.  Like the sun, we shall rise.
 We have the courage.  We are healers.  Like the moon, we shall rise.
 We are alive as the earth is alive.  We have the power to create our freedom.
 We have the courage.  We are healers.  Like the sun, we shall rise.
 We have the courage.  We are healers.  Like the moon, we shall rise
  We are alive as the earth is alive.  We have the power to create our freedom.
 We have the courage.  We are healers.  Like the sun, we shall rise.
 We have the courage.  We are healers.  Like the moon, we shall rise
 We are alive as the earth is alive.  We have the power to create our freedom.
 We have the courage.  We are healers.  Like the sun, we shall rise.
 We have the courage.  We are healers.  Like the moon, we shall rise

North Watchtower says…. 
 My life as a woman now flows with the cycles of Mother Earth.  I am part of mother and she is me.  I have opened up my mind, my heart and my feminine potential to be the Goddess of my kingdom.  In reflection of Mother Earth and the Goddess Diana I too begin the hunt.  I shall gather my resources from the forest that is life.  I shall not tarry but be quick with my spiritual bow to take what I need that my harvest knows fruitation. 
One by one, all will stand at the altar and claim their strength to begin the hunt.  They will state their name and game.  They will summon the energies of the wise ones to aid their hunt and they shall promise friuitation of their harvest.   
Celebration of circle.
Wine and Cakes
 “blessed be this wine and cakes. 
 The body and the blood of the Mother
 May you never hunger….(pass the bread)
 May you never thirst….(pass the wine)
 Blessed be!
High Priestess says…
 Gracious Goddess, as we close our circle, we ask that our path always be in your light.
All say…
 “All give thanks to the Goddess.”
Dismiss the watchtowers…
All say…
 “ The circle is open but never broken.  Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.””  Taken by permission from Coven of the Goddess.    Used by permission of the writer Journey.  See references. 

The Art of Diana
Diana in nature.
Here are some pictures from Hawaii, that reflect the Goddess in nature.  

Double Rainbow - Hawaii by LadyHawke

Hawaiin Florals by LadyHawke

Hawaii by LadyHawke

Literature of Diana and References. 
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This page is the intellectual and creative property of Ladyhawke.
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