Power Animals Workshop

with Matooka Moonbear

Hello. My name is Matooka MoonBear. Thank you for choosing to participate in these lessons. I hope you will find them fun and rewarding. I do recommend the book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. However, it is not necessary in order to complete this workshop.
This is a 4 week workshop on finding and working with your power animal. Other terms used are Animal Allies or Totems. Every person has totems. In these lessons you will meet your sacred animal, learn about them,  and work with them. They are great spiritual helpers, guides and protectors.
There are 4 lessons in the Power Animals Workshop. You will receive one lesson per week. Completed lessons are due each Friday. Upon the completion of each lesson, the next will be sent to you. I will review your work and send feedback. If you have any questions during this journey, please feel free to contact me at matookamoonbear@msn.com

 Now let’s begin.


Lesson I: Meeting your Power Animal
This is a visualization journey through meditation. Please read through your meditation before beginning. Sit or lay in a comfortable place with no interruptions. You may wish to light candles and smudge with sage or other herbs before you begin.
Take deep cleansing breaths allowing your body to relax while focusing on the rise and fall of each breath. Follow the beating of your heart like a great mother drum. Bring your awareness to a beautiful place in nature. What are the sounds like, the colors, the smells, the temperature? What is the season? Find a comfortable spot in these surroundings and sit down. Fully take in this space. Enjoy it, make it real. As you are enjoying this beautiful place, allow your heart to ask for your spirit animal to come and make herself known to you. You notice an animal appear in the distance and it is moving toward you. You feel your excitement rise as she approaches. Finally, before you is this wonderful being. Greet her or him. Give thanks for it’s coming and making itself known to you. Spend some time communing. Then, when it is time to say goodbye, reach into your pocket and retrieve an offering. Give it to your totem with gratitude. Say goodbye. She turns and walks away. You watch as she looks back at you. Your awareness knows that there will be other encounters. Give thanks for this beautiful place in nature and make an offering of prayer. Begin now to return to your body feeling the rise and fall of your breath. Becoming fully present in your body. Take time to ground. Write your experiences down in your journal.
You have met your Power Animal. Give thanks to her for revealing herself to you. Make an offering of some kind. Perhaps donations to a rescue or go and offer cornmeal to your favorite tree in her name. It only matters that your intention is there. 

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