Aradia’s Birth from Heaven

by Matooka Moonbear


Original Art by Matooka Moonbear
Original Art by Matooka Moonbear

And She who was spirit
takes form on Earth.
The Avatar of Diana.


Aradia is the daughter of Goddess Diana who is Lady of the Moon and Queen of Heaven. Aradia  means “Altar of Diana” or “Altar of the Goddess.” She was sired by Diana’s brother Apollo (know by many other names) who often took shape of a stag at his sister’s side. Diana told Her daughter who was spirit that she must incarnate and become a teacher of the old ways. It is said that She came to Tuscany on the full moon of August 13, 1313 where she taught the peasants witchcraft. Interestingly, August 13 is a feast day to Her Mother Diana. And so She is now known as a “Moon Goddess from Tuscany” and “Queen of Witches.”

Z. Budapest writes that Aradia professed to be avatar to Diana stating “ It was the Queen of the moon who sent me, because there was so much pain and slavery among you.” Also, “Freedom is the teaching she imparted to me, and by me to you, the freedom to live our lives according to her golden rule, do as thou wilt and harm none.” And so it is that She teaches the simple oppressed folk how to be free within themselves. To listen to their own inner voices. To gather together and worship Diana in groves. She teaches us the cycles of being human and how we are part of everything. We are free, divine children, too. 

Things sacred to Aradia:
Round stones like the moon are blessed, but most sacred to Me is the Holy Stone!
Herb: Rue

Goddess Tree

Original Art by Matooka MoonbearI am the tree of life, be my children,

established in Me that you may be

stable as the Oak and stand strong

in the world. Make sacred union,

be whole!

              Blessed Be!

Original Art by Matooka Moonbear

Charge of Aradia

 I am Aradia

Daughter of the sea

And daughter of the wind

Daughter of the Sun

and daughter of the Moon

Daughter of dawn

And daughter of sunset

Daughter of night

and daughter of mountains

And I have sung the song of the sea

and I have listened to the sighing of the wind

I have heard the hidden secrets of the sun

And I have drunk the tears of the Moon

And the sorrow of the sunset

I have lain ’neath the darkest dark of night

And I have beheld the might of mountains

For I am stronger than the sea

And freer than the wind

I am brighter than Sun

And more changing than the moon

I am the hope of the dawn

And the peace of the sunset

I am more mysterious than night

and older than the mountains

Older than time itself

For I am She who was

Who is

And who will be

For I am Aradia.

Written by Vivianne Crowley


Aradia’s Simple Feast Consists of Crescent Cakes and Wine
Ingredients for Crescent Cakes:

 Matooka’s Version:
1-Cup of White corn meal
½ Tsp Salt
1/3 cup of honey
1/4 cup butter
Dash white grape juice=wine
Blend into cookie like batter
shape into crescents and bake at 350'F
for about 10-12 minutes

Full Moon Ritual To Aradia

Intention is to ask for Diana’s Mysteries to be revealed
Or to dedicate one’s self as Witch (or both)
When: Full Moon Between the hours of 11:00-midnight.
Where: Outdoors if possible or near a window where you can see Her clearly shining.
You need: 13 candles honoring the 13 moons. 12 white/1 silver or light blue
Incense: sandalwood,  jasmine or rose
Essential oils for anointing: sandalwood,  jasmine or rose
Altar Cloth silver or white
Bowl of water or scrying mirror or crystal ball for gazing
Holy Stones and or natural round stones
Moonstones, crystals, white stones
Wand for casting circle or Lunar athame (white handle or with moon designs or Goddess)
Chalice for wine
Small offering vessel
Silver or white dish of crescent cakes
Drum or rattle for raising energy
Book of Shadows or journal
Pen or pencil
Matches or lighter
What to wear:
Skyclad if possible to represent freedom *or*
Dress in flowing white or silver garb
Lunar jewelry
Silver Crescent circlet or other head adornment

Preparing for Ritual:
Have your crescent cakes ready
Set up altar and supplies in a manner that pleases you  ahead of time
Do a ritual bath with intention


Ground & Center
Cast the circle
Then light the incense walk about the magick circle using the sacred smoke with the intent of blessing the space and preparing it for your invocation.
Light each candle with the intention of honoring each moon of the year. The 13th candle that is silver or blue, invoke Aradia into your circle “Aradia! Aradia! I call to thee! Guide me in your mystery. Full Moon Lady of the night, teach me wisdom of pure light!.”
Raise your arms with hands open toward the Moon imagining the Full Moon Rays filling you saying “Fully awaken the wise witch within me! Draw the Moon into me, let us have sacred union! I bid you welcome!”
Take up your drum or rattle moving around chanting “Aradia fill me, teach me your wisdom.” When you feel the energy raised sit down ground a bit.
 Pick up your scrying Mirror, bowl or crystal and gaze into it saying ”Blessed Sister, Aradia Moon, Teach me the wisdom of our shining Mother Diana, Queen of all the wise! Let my path be Witch, Priestess, Healer! Awaken in me the Truth! My freedom is here! Sit gazing for awhile and take note of any messages She gives you. Write them down in your BOS. 
Do a self blessing with your oil touching each chakra starting with the crown “Bless me.” Brow “Bless my eyes that I may see your beauty in all creation.” Throat “Bless my voice that I may speak your truth and wisdom in every moment.” Heart “Bless my heart that it may flow with love and compassion.” Solar Plexus “Bless my energy center that it’s source my be in you.” Belly “Bless my belly, cauldron of creation, inspiration and possibilities.” Vagina “Bless my vagina, gateway to life. All acts of love and pleasure are your rituals.” Hands “Bless my hands that they do your work in every aspect of my life.” Feet “Bless my feet that I may be firmly established in you for you are my path.” Sit with the energy of this and feel it for some time. (This is a good way to self dedicate)
Stand and take your wand or athame in your dominant hand touching your chalice say “Bless this wine as sacred drink.” Pick up the chalice pour a little into the offering vessel and then  drink deeply. Then do the same for the crescent cakes “Bless this sacred food that I may be nourished in body, mind and spirit.” Place a crescent into the vessel with the wine offering and put the vessel aside. Then eat a cake for your self and meditate on the energy of the moon nourishing you.
When your feast is done, Give thanks and farewell to Aradia. Extinguish each candle with gratitude. Open the circle and release the energy to the moon. Sit and ground. Take to offering outdoors and leave it for Goddess.
Blessed be.


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