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By Wave Walker (Donna)

Gaia, Gaea, or Ge came at the beginning of creation. Coming from the Chaos she created all else.  Gaia had temples or altars at Athens, Bura, Delphi, Phlyus, Sparta,, Olympia, Tegea   Gaia was more often spoken off as a power, the very earth itself, than as a deity.

 Gaea was said to of held the oracle at Delphi before any other, thus making her the first to use divination.  There are some records that state that Gaia's worshipers predated Greek the Olympic Gods.
In the book ' Myths of Crete and Pre-Hellenic Europe by Donald Mackenzie (1917)'  I found this interesting reference to Gaia  page 174 " Gaia was vaguely defined, yet belief in her was widespread. She was a divine prophetess, a fate, a power behind the gods. One of her incarnations being the Delphian snake and other snakes of different cults which were Oracles. The priestesses who drank the blood of bulls and entered sacred caves to prophesy were believed to hold commune with the earth mother, divine revealer."  The wisdom of these snakes was believed to be of great age.

So Gaia has been worshiped for thousands of years as the Earth Mother, for her divining wisdom and caring of all humans and animals on earth.

I created this wall in my craft room to show the great joy of knowing Gaia.

Brother Turtle is sending out the message: 'Gaia is coming, there is to be a celebration'.  All the animals are flying home to get ready for the visit of their beloved Earth Mother.  The Willow Tree has always reached out to me with it's energy, wisdom and deep feeling of acceptance. 

When I think of  connecting to Gaia my first thought is always leaning back into the arms of the Mother. I imagine sitting next to this great  tree and slowly leaning back with the limbs enfolding me.

In my chosen path of Magick I love tapping into the Energy of Gaia and then flowing that energy pack into the planet to help heal all the hurts that as humans we have brought to our home.  The tapping of Gaia is brought up again and again in the various web sites of witches and our ability to tap into the great energy of the Sacred Mother.  Many feel that this energy is what gives us the needed connection to work magick.

I see Gaia as the power or force that came out of chaos and made substance of everything. Her love of life and all that lives is a magick all it's own.
 This painting always makes me feel the great love of the Mother. I like to imagine the two figures at the bottom as Witches come to gain the wisdom of the Universe.   

The above image entitled 'Mother of the World'  was painted by Nicholas Roerich in the 1930's and is used by permission from the Nicholas Roerich Museum.

Honoring Gaia Ritual
By WaveWalker

Gather your items
Then take a cleansing shower or bath and dress
either comfortably or if you will be worshiping
sky clad with your robe.

Four candles:
Large White candle for the pure love and energy of Gaia,
before you begin scribe this candle with Gaias' name or a symbol
that has come to be important to you in your worship of Gaia. Now
anoint with rose oil going first from one end to the center and then
from the other end to the center. As you do this think on the upcoming
ritual and ground yourself  to get ready for the experience.

 Brown for the earth,
Silver for the air we breath
Green for all plant life,
Blue for the sky and water,
Flowers for the altar,
wine (or juice) and bread
Incense of white sage or  Rose

Done outside at the full moon if possible,
Place the large white candle in the middle and light it
'Gaia I honor you tonight for your love and magick you gift to me'

Place the four candles:
Brown to the north - Silver to the east
Green to the south - and Blue to the west
Place the flowers about the altar
Place the Wine and Bread on the altar

Light the incense and use it to cast the circle
place the incense in burner
Light each candle starting in the north thanking Gaia for the
gifts of each direction and for any personal talismans she has
given you for each direction.

Sitting within the circle concentrate on the flame if the large white candle
When you feel you have entered a quiet space ask Gaia to come
 and share her thoughts and energy with you.
Feel the energy flow from the ground into your body and
touch each point as it flows through you. Concentrate on that
soft, quiet voice that guides us in our lives.

When you feel you have connected with Gaia gather the energy she
has shared with you and release it back into the Earth to go where it is most needed.

Face the full moon - holding up the wine and bread
thank Gaia for the gifts of the earth and Her time spent with you.
 A sip of wine and a taste of bread

Now open your circle, put out candles and incense. Keep the large white candle
to use when you want to connect with Gaia. Maybe as the center of a new Gaia altar.

Place the bread in the bright moonlight and pour the wine over it as an offering to Gaia.


The Great Goddess by Jean Markale
Myth's of Crete and Pre-Hellenic Europe by Donald A. Mackenzie

This page is the intellectual and creative property of WaveWalker
August 2010