Prayers to the Goddess

I encourage you to write your own Goddess Prayers. A Prayer is simply sending your words and heartfelt being
out into the Universe.

Your words in a Prayer will always be more powerful than any prayer written by someone else. Please enjoy the Goddess Prayers and Invocations here, and allow yourself to begin writing your own.

Taking a few moments to sing or say this Chant everyday will greatly expand the energy of the Goddess
and  strengthen your connection with Goddess energy, and unite us as a global community.

Goddess Chants and Prayers

Using Prayer Beads

Make your own Goddess Rosary Beads - Instructions

~Goddess 2000 Project Chant~

We are the hands of the Goddess
And to Her we offer these...
Images made sacred
by the spirit in our hearts

We are people of the Goddess
in Her honor we celebrate...
Joining together in community
Pagan peoples of the Earth

We are the hands of the Goddess
And to Her we offer these...
Images made sacred
by the spirit in our hearts

We honor Her in Asia,
We honor Her in Africa,
We honor Her in Europe,
We honor Her in Australia,
We honor Her in Scandinavia.
We honor Her in South America
We honor Her in North America,

We are the Pagans
of the Goddess 2000...
Growing in numbers
Every day

We are the hands of the Goddess
And to Her we offer these...
Images made sacred
by the spirit in our hearts

By Abby Willowroot

Cosmic Mother

Oh Goddess Mother
You are the mystery of Night
Your radiant shine is the Day
Infinite realms cascade within You

Abundance is Your essence of Being
Blessings flow from You Limitlessly
Your Universe is harmony and tension in Balance

Within each of us, You are Alive


 Just before the first glimmerings of dawn, the Great Crone sweeps across the sky and clothes the dying night in Her cloak. She wraps it tenderly and gently, enfolding each star, each galaxy, each universe in Her essence.

Slowly the Great Crone draws back Her cloak revealing gold, and pink, violet and the steely blue tones of first light. She is the Crone, Mistress of Re-birth. We honor Her as "Protectress of Endings" and "Birther of New Beginnings".

Dawn each day, is an affirmation of re-birth and a sacred ritual of the Crone's cycles and seasons.

Prayer of Becoming

May clarity grow within Me
Open my eyes to life's many Wonders
May I feel the pulse of all creation within Me

Open my spirit to Awareness
Fill my heart with Understanding
May my life be of service to Earth and the Goddess

Open my ears to the needs of those around Me
Make my hands strong & gentle in Your Service
May I remember always, the Goddess works through Me

Praise Demeter

Praise Demeter full of life
I am with thee
Honored and humbled
By life's seasons

Sacred is the fruit
Of thy womb

Holy Demeter
Mother of Life
Guide our paths
Now and through strife
into peace

Bless this Day

May this day be blessed with gifts
Lessons, understanding and friends
May my energy be a gift to all I meet

Let me be centered, healing and open
May I face the day with courage
kindness, insight and compassion

May my spirit and body, honor this day

A Morning Prayer

Oh Great Goddess
Bless this day
Keep me safe and whole

Oh Great Goddess
Bless my path
Help me to act on thy wisdom

Oh Great Goddess
Bless my family
Living on this Earth

Night Prayer

Thank You Great Goddess for this day
for the blessings and lessons that came my way
May my sleep be peaceful in dreams and rest
and tomorrow may I do my best

Thank You For This Day

Thank You for this day on Earth
Ancient Mother who gave me birth
Healing Mother who keeps me strong
Crone Mother who brings each new dawn

Thank You for the gift of being
For blessing me with the wonders of seeing
For the sounds and feeling of laughter
and the wisdom learned through pain

Spirit Mother bless me, tomorrow with a day again

A Healing Prayer

Oh Great Goddess
Mother of Mercy and Healing

Send the energy of Hygeia
to nourish from Her Sacred Bowl

Send the energy of Brigid
to heal with waters of Her Sacred Well

Send the energy of Demeter
to restore life to withering cells

Send the energy of Quan Yin
to bless the healing with peace

Send Your healing wisdom to the body
to restore its sacred balance

Thank You Great Goddess
Mother of All Life

Healing Chant

Deep in my Bone
the Goddess is alive
Deep in my cells and blood
the Life Force is strong
Deep in my heart and spirit
I believe I will heal

I feel the Goddess at my core
filling me with faith and health
Abundant Life Forces of the Universe
flow in me, and banish all disease

My blood, my bones, my cells and my body
are healing now, are healing now
The Goddess force is in me
and healing me now

Elements Hymn

At one with the Universe
My spirit is free
All creation pulses in me

Floating upon the wind
Sparking with the energy of fire
Flowing with the waters
Dancing the rhythms of Earth

Spinning and Spiraling
into Elemental re-birth
The magic of being renews

Floating upon the wind
Sparking with the energy of fire
Flowing with the waters
Dancing the rhythms of Earth

Between the Moon and Sun

A Winter Prayer

Oh sorrowful Demeter
Goddess who mourns

Night breath, cool and sharp
Bare branches quivering
Beneath the Moon

Crackling snow glistens
Small shadows scurry past
Shallow prints upon the crust

Silence split by whispers
Billowing crystals drift down
Caressing Earth in timelessness

Even in your sorrow, you offer gifts

Prayer of Passage

Oh Goddess
There is great sadness
A cherished one has gone

Emptyness engulfs me
Loss languishes within
Help me bear this grief

Accompany their spirit
Comfort we who grieve
Let us rejoice in their life

May their essence be recorded
In the Great Book of Shadows
Renew our rememberance with joy

Blessing of Food

Thank Thee Great Goddess
For the bounty before me
A gift of thy great abundance

Thank you for sustaining my life
I receive your gift of food in gratitude

Thank You Goddess

Oh Goddess
Bless this food
Which is your body

Bless this day
With your abundance
Bless my spirit
With your light

Thank you great Protectress

Hail Diana

Hail Artemis Diana
Blessed Lady of the Beasts
I dedicate myself to You

May my path honor Thee
May my spirit celebrate Thee
May my life force magnify Thee

These things I pray
Be fulfilled this day
Goddess Mother help me
to know what is right

Prayer for Strength

Goddess Mother help me
to be patient and strong
to see what is truly important
to act without selfishness or fear

Goddess Mother help me
to trust your wisdom
to resist the coward's way
to walk in faith and compassion
to be truly human in spirit and heart

A Gathering Chant

The night is upon us
The sky is clear
We call upon the Goddess
and She is near

Children of the Goddess gather
Weaving webs of magick
Dancing circles through time
Chanting to the quarters
Re-membering an earlier time

The year moves in a sacred wheel
As the Goddess teaches us to heal
We heal ourselves and each other
We heal the Earth

Children of the Goddess gather
Weaving webs of magick
Dancing circles through time
Chanting to the quarters
Re-membering an earlier time

Our spirits know the way
To celebrate each day
We heal ourselves and each other
We heal the Earth
Re-birthing a saner time

Children of the Goddess gather
Weaving webs of magick
Dancing circles through time
Chanting to the quarters
Re-membering an earlier time

Invocation of the Crone

Behold the Crone...
Dancer of Time
Completion of the Sacred Cycle

She Who is Wisdom
Beloved, respected and feared
Honored as Grandmother, Ancestress and Hag

In the end ~ there is beginning,
Death brings Birth, Life renews through Her

Behold the Crone, Dancer of Time
Mother of worlds, Maiden of re-birth,
Child of the next generation

Dancing through Time
She Who cuts the cords…Of life and death,
Grandmother of all

The Crone comes……..
Silently, powerfully, relentlessly
Crossing space and time,
Holding the threads of life and death,
Mistress of endings and beginnings

Speaking through elders
I am the Crone….
The Grandmothers….The Wisdom of Age….

I am Hecate, I am Kali, I am the Eternal One

I cross space and time,
Holding the threads of life and death,
Mistress of endings and beginnings

I am completion of the Cycle
Maiden….. Mother….. Crone.....
I have come as the Goddess,
And in me... all life renews
All things are possible

The Crone comes dancing
Silently, powerfully, relentlessly,
To all

A Prayer of Oneness

I release my isolation to the Stars
Breathing in the Energy that connects all things
Allowing my body to be caressed by Nature

Filling my lungs with eternal Breath
Filling my senses with the joy of Being Alive
Filling my heart with gratitude for this Moment

Finally allowing my Spirit to soar Free
I am a creation of the Universe
Eternal in my Essence

In time . . . when my life wanes
Returning my body to Star Dust
Held in the body of the Great Goddess
I will again be the Energy of Life

Prayer Beads

The Goddess Rosary

The Glory Be (YHVH Prayer Song)

2 Special Hail Marys

A Prayer from a Catholic Prayer Card

Make your own Goddess Rosary Beads-Instructions


The Rosary was invented somewhere between the 12th and 13th centuries as a devotion to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Although the Church is quick to define Mary as simply "first among the saints," it is clear the common people from the first century CE
onwards saw Mary as the continuation of the Queen of heaven: Astarte in Palestine, or Isis in Egypt. It is fitting, then, to adapt a Marian devotion for honor to the Goddess, the Queen of Heaven. These beads honor the Goddess in her three-fold, or triple, nature as Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

It is best to string your own beads. You will need:

13 white 8mm beads for the Maiden
13 red 8mm beads for the Mother
13 black mm beads for the Crone
1 silver 10mm bead representing the Full Moon
52 silver spacer beads
(class "E" 6/0) representing the Moonlight.

Size 10 crochet yarn white or ecru, or color of choice

You may begin and end stringing anywhere in the loop, but the tie-off is less
visible in the midst of the black beads.

The silver Moon bead is separated from the White Maiden beads by four (4)
silver spacer beads. Each white Maiden bead is followed by one silver spacer bead, but the
thirteenth bead is followed by four (4) spacer beads.

Then come the red Mother beads, each followed by one silver spacer, but the
13th bead is followed by four (4) spacers.

Then come the black Crone beads, each followed by one silver bead, but the 13th
is followed by four (4) spacers. And so we are back at the silver Moon bead.

In other words, beads of the same color are separated by one spacer. The three sets of beads and the larger Moon bead are separated by four spacers. Thirteen (13) beads are used in each set to signify the thirteen months of the lunar year. The silver
spacers represent moonlight issuing from the Full Moon bead throughout the life cycle of Maiden, Mother, Crone.

Prayers are said on each bead, while meditating on the mysteries of the Triple Goddess, and the experience of the human life cycle.

Men may wish to make a devotion to the Horned God, and honor the life cycle of Youth, Father, and Sage.

The Goddess Rosary

This can be said while fingering the big beads on the Rosary. Use the Glory Be (below) for the wire/string before the large beads,
and then finger the large bead and say:

Our Lady who is the Essence of the Earth
We have called you by many names*
Return now unto Your People
Speak Your Will, and it shall be done
As Above, so Below.
Please give us each moment: our life, light & love.
If we have let you down,
Please forgive us and cleanse us,
According to our own willingness to forgive others.
And deliver us from Spiritual Evil
For You are the Goddess, Queen of the Universe,
Yours is the Power, the Grace, the Wisdom & the Beauty
Age unto Ages

*When I use this prayer to invoke the actual presence of the Goddess, I like to recite at this point a list of Her many names, such as: Asherah, Maria, Miryam, Isis, Diana, Shakti, Tara, Brigita, Venus, Sophia, Demeter, Freya, Gaia, Tiamat, Oshun, Quan-Yin......

Y H V H    (Tetragrammaton)

My Rosary prayer, and indeed my whole religious belief system, is based on the Quaternity (as opposed to Trinity). As its name implies it has four members: 

         Y - God-the-Father

                     H - Goddess-the-Mother

V - Holy Son

                        H - Holy Spirit / Daughter

This Godhead, the Quaternity, is expressed by the Y H V H name of the Divine, which is where we get those mis-pronunciations like Yahweh and Jehovah.  The Y H V H has been called the Tetragrammaton, which in Greek simply means "four-lettered Name."  For a scholarly (and Kabbalistic) explanation of how the four-part Godhead came to be, read this article, Shem ha-Mephoresch.  You have to scroll down a bit to find the portion that explains the YHVH deities.

Kabbalists and both modern and ancient Jews say that the Y H V H name cannot and should not be pronounced, it is the magikal Ineffable Name. They refer to the Name as HaShem, which means, literally "the Name."  When a modern Jew writes the English word, God, they always spell it thus: G-d  with a dash in the middle, out of respect. Many of the ancients (and nowadays a few moderns) dedicated their entire lives to figuring out the "true" pronunciation of YHVH, the Ineffable name. Modern Jews believe (and are taught in Jewish schools) that Jesus Christ obtained magikal and healing powers by learning the 72 magikal names of G-d, all forms of YHVH, and had them tattooed onto his arm.  Jews, of course, do not believe Jesus was divine.  Tattoos are anathema to Jews to this day, and getting magikal names tattooed on your arm was considered "cheating."  Like ancient and modern Jews, most Esoteric Kristians tend to shy away from tattoos.  But we don't believe Yeshua had any tattoos either!  He got his magikal powers from his direct-connect with the Godhead.  Indeed, he was a channel for the third person of the Quaternity, the Vahv, the Sacred Son.

There is a way that the mystic or serious seeker after god/dess can "hear" the original pure sound of YHVH's name. The still small voice in your head may "whisper" the true pronounciation to you if you practice a certain special but very simple breathing exercise/meditation with the four letters. This takes awhile, maybe months, and you must be sincere. Sometimes a mantra of "reveal thyself, reveal thyself, reveal thyself," over and over again convinces the Divine of your sincerity, shows Them that you really long for Them, desire only Them.  We teach this easy but ancient mantra exercise in our Esoteric Mystery School email lessons. And our Order of Melchizedek, the Priest(ess)hood of YHVH, devotes their work and service to the Quaternity. If this resonates with you, you may wish to join the Order of Melchizedek, High Priest of El Elyon (Most High One).  El Elyon was of course also known as Yahweh, YHVH.

The Glory Be
(also called Y H V H Prayer-Song)
By Katia Romanoff

This can be prayed on a rosary or prayer rope.  The Glory Be is to be said when you finger the wire/string that comes right before the large single beads. Those large beads, by the way, are called Pater Noster beads, meaning Our Father, because the regular Rosary has you say the Lord's Prayer, also called the Our Father, while fingering them. (On some Rosaries the single beads are not made larger, so you just know them because they're single---set apart from----the groups of ten little beads, called decades.)

On wire before large single beads:
Say one Glory Be as follows:

Glory Be to the Father, to the Mother,
And to the Sacred Son,
And to the Lady Holy Spirit
They are the Four-in-One

As it was in the Beginning
Is Now and ever Shall Be
World without End
Age to Ages, say Amen

-Dr. Katia

Hail Mary  1
adapted by Linda Seekins
Hail Mary Magdalene, the Lord has wed thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb and Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of Kings,
give aid to us seekers now and in the hour of our need.

Hail Mary 2
by Darlene Kenney
Hail Mary, full of grace
The dust of whose feet are the hosts of heaven,
You are the white moon among the stars
And the desire of human hearts.
You are the mystery that if that which I seek
I find not within, I will never find it without.
For You were here at the beginning
And You are that which is attained at the end of
A Prayer from a Catholic Prayer Card

My Queen, my Mother,
I give myself entirely to Thee,
and to show my devotion to Thee,
I consecrate to You this day
my eyes, my ears, my mouth, my heart,
my whole body without reserve.
Wherefore good Mother,
as I am Thine own,
Keep me and guard me
as Your property and possession.
The Chorus of "Hail Mary, Gentle Woman,"
A Catholic hymn written by Carey Landry

Gentle woman, quiet light
Morning star, shining bright
Gentle Mother, peaceful dove
Teach us wisdom, teach us love