Goddess of the Silver Wheel

By Morgana Ariel




Arianrhod is the Goddess of the Silver Wheel. She is the weaver, She spins destiny. She holds the Wheel of cycle and karma (like Kali’s Karmic Wheel).  She is also known as Aranrhod.


In the Mabinogion, She is Gwydion’s sister. Gwydion stole King Math’s virgin. After that, King Math tried to replace his virgin with Arianrhod. In order to do that, Arianrhod had to pass a test, she had to stand above a wand. When she did that, two children came down from her womb, one went to live in the sea, and the other was stolen by Gwydion. Arianrhod was very angry and she said that the child will not have a name until she gives him one.

Arianrhod is connected to birth, death, and re-birth. She is the Goddess of Cycles. In the Avalonian Tradition, she is connected to the Crescent Moon and she is also connected to Eclipses. She is the Lady of Reincarnation, and she is connected to the Stars.


Arianrhod can be invoked when helping women come to their own power, fertility magick, past knowledge, and spirit contact. Some of her correspondences can include the Moon, the Wheel, Geodes, Wheat, Silver, and Moon Stones.


Ritual for Arianrhod

By Morgana Ariel


Before performing this ritual, have a cleansing bath and purify yourself with essential oils.


Set up an Altar for Arianrhod, her color is silver so you should make sure that your altar has that color. If you don’t have  a picture or statue of Arianrhod, you can use a wheel as her symbol. Feel free to add Moonstones or Geods to the altar, and any other correspondence you feel call to use.


Call the directions


Invoke Arianrhod


Arianrhod Lady of the Wheel

Join us in this Rite

Help us see the patterns and the cycles

Let us go to the places before us,

The places of the now

And the places where we will go

Arianrhod come to us, guide us, be with us now”


After the Invocation, sing the following song:


“Spiraling into the center, the center of our beings

Spiraling into the center, the center of our beings,

We are the weavers, we are the woven ones,

We are the dreamers, we are the dream,

We are the weavers, we are the woven ones

We are the dreamers, we are the dream”


Sit next to the altar, and meditate about your power

Are you afraid of your own power?

What is blocking your power?

After you think about these questions, stand up and take the wheel on the altar

In your own words, tell Arianrhod that you are ready to take your power back, tell her that you will be strong and that you are ready for her to help you be empowered.


After that, sing the following song:


Silver flame light my heart

Ignite my soul divine spark

Silver Wheel spins us round

A timeless journey through light and sound

Take us on our karmic flight

Bless us with divine sight


By Adara Bryn


When you are ready, say goodbye to Arianrhod. Thank her for being present in your circle. Release the directions, and have a feast!



Arianrhod Prayer

By Morgana Ariel


Arianrhod, Lady of the Wheel

Past, Present, and Future

Help me find my power

Help me see my path

Help me own my Present

Help me learn from my Past

Help me go into the Future without fear or uncertainty

Help me trust the cycle

And understand that things that are happening are just what is meant to be

Maybe not what I want but what I need

So I can grow and live fully

Arianrhod, Lady of the Wheel

Bless me with your presence in my life during that passing of time

Blessed Be!




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    Copyright 2009

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